Abtex International. Ltd.

Business Scenario:
The client is a PET flakes manufacturer located in Pakistan. All the manufactured pet flakes are exported. Information system was required to computerize the production facility and to have a selective user access to view and modify the data.

Solution offered:
Client was provided information system for pet flakes manufacturing unit developed in PHP & MySQL.  The system was divided into 3 tiers, namely Purchasing, Production and Shipment.

The tier 1 dealt with the purchases of plastic bottles from different suppliers and added to unfinished goods inventory. The purchases are recorded by the supplier and their purchase is mixed of different types of bottles.

In tier 2 the bottles are sorted by classifications such as white, green, clear and waste and then the bottles are crushed into pet flakes.

The tier 3 deals with the bags of different weights created and are sent for shipment.

Finally, detailed reports are generated about purchases, inventory and finished goods and sent to concerned persons via automated email system incorporated.

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