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Our process entails knowing what the client wants first. When you contact us, our experts will listen to your specific needs attentively. This ensures that we learn about every detail of your project. Our experts respond to calls by clients in a friendly and professional manner. Despite the fact that they know almost every element of a website, they ensure that they listen to your specific details to come up with a product that will deliver what you want.

Our process entails quote request, project evaluation, formal proposal and agreement, initial deposit, different phases, testing, training and eventually launching the complete website.

Windel Solutions
Windel Solutions


Once you contact us for a quote on your project, we will first analyze it before telling you the amount of money to pay for it. Our quotes are affordable and regardless of the nature of your project you will get one that suits your needs. We always aim at delivering quality services to our clients at the most affordable cost. We know that when establishing a website you are investing. Our responsibility is to ensure that you get maximum output from your investment without incurring excessive input. That is why we offer affordable quotes for all of our packages.


Before embarking on the development process, we evaluate your project. Our professionally trained and experienced experts analyze various elements of your project. This entails consideration of aspects such as color schemes, placements, theme, interactivity and the overall design. Through project evaluation, our experts are able to come up with a web design that appeals to your target market resulting to the desired response.

Our goal is to ensure that you always get what you want from your investment. That is why we have to evaluate the entire project before embarking on the development process to ensure that you get the results that you want from your investment.

Windel Solutions
Windel Solutions


After evaluating your project, our experts come up with a formal proposal that is presented to the client. The proposal highlights different aspects of your project. It presents what will actualize the dream that you present to us when you contact us with ideas of your project. Through this proposal, you will be able to have a mental picture of what your final project will look like after the development project. You can agree with our experts on the proposal they present to you or ask for modifications on different aspects of the website.

Our services are dynamic and we always aim at ensuring that you get satisfying results on your project. We also sign an agreement on the duration within which to work on your project.


If you agree to our formal proposal, you will make the initial deposit so that we can start working on your project. The amount you pay as the initial deposit will depend on the value of the quote that you get from us. We strive to ensure that you get the most from your investment. As such, we charge a little percentage of the overall amount on your quote.

The rest amount can be paid during the development process or at the completion of your project. Once you have submitted the initial deposit, we embark on the development process from the first phase.

Windel Solutions
Windel Solutions


Our design phase entails coming up with a unique look of a website. We consider themes that you want your website to have, graphics, images, placement of different elements and interactivity among other aspects. This ensures that you get a final design that appeal to your target market. At the design phase, our experts consider what you want to achieve with your with your website.

To ensure that you get maximum benefits from your final website our experts invest their time and effort to come up with the best design for your website. Therefore, you can always count on us to deliver the best web design for your website.


Once we have come up with an appropriate design for your website, we embark on the development process. At this phase, our experts concentrate on everything that will enable them come up with a website with functionality and efficiency that the client want. We do everything within our reach to ensure that clients get a website that will increase performance and efficiency of their business.

Whether you want a sales website or just a website for relaying information about your business and its products, we will come up with the best site for you. Our experts ensure that your website has all features that are essential for maximum performance.

Windel Solutions
Windel Solutions


At this stage, essential programs that your website need are incorporated in your website. This includes programs that enhance interactivity and exchanging of data between your business and target markets and audience. Your businesses might have specific programs that it wants to be incorporated in the website. They can be customized applications that will enhance its performance or general programs. However, they have to be compatible with other features of your website.

They should work in harmony with all features of the website to deliver efficiency and better functionality of the website. Our experts will ensure that these applications are incorporated in the website and that they are fully operational.


We do not want the final product to give you problems once it has been launched. Our experts will review the final website after the development phase. During the review, you will have a chance of evaluating whether all features that you wanted to be present on your website have been incorporated. You will also consider graphics, themes and various placements. Our experts will also train your employees on how to use the website and its features.

This ensures that you get maximum output from your website once you start using it. We will test the website with you to ensure that everything is functioning properly before the official launch.

Windel Solutions
Windel Solutions


Once you have reviewed your website, tested it and have the necessary training on how to operate it, your website is now ready for launching. We ensure that everything is in good condition and functioning appropriately. We know how embarrassing it can be when things do not work properly at the time of the launch. We do not want you to endure this embarrassment. We work effectively and efficiently to ensure that we meet strict deadlines as stipulated in the project agreement.

Therefore, you can always rest assured that we will meet time deadline to enable you launch your website at the exact date set by your business. Our experts will be with you to ensure that you get any technical assistance that you may need during the launch.

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